About Us

Mal Amora is a labour of love which started in early 2020 by founder and head designer Mollie Falkingham. Having gone to art college and then to knicker school at De Montfort University, her passion for making exquisite garments soon turned into a love of helping others and the planet.

By 2028 it is projected that second-hand fashion will overtake the fast fashion market as young consumers distance themselves from mass overconsumption. We want choice but not guilt; rocking fashions from eras past is not only elegant but morally good. The problem arises however when your gorgeous 1950s day-dress looks all lumpy and weird over a modern-day bra or your 70s blouse and flares is looking lack luster. As Monsieur Christian Dior once said, “without foundations, there can be no fashion” and here at Mal Amora we live and breathe by those words. So if you’re looking for chic satin soft bras or highly tailored corsetry, we cater for all, making sure your treasured charity and vintage shop finds are looking their loveliest.