Every effort has been made to use reusable or recyclable packaging and our printing is done with reputable green printers. The bulk of our fabrics and trims are reclaimed from waste streams of the intimate apparel industry in which perfectly good fabrics for making lingerie would have gone to landfill had they not been found by us.

Our Boselli satin is imported from Italy but we buy it wholesale from a supplier who orders it for the whole country. The patterned silks and satins in our exclusive collections are recycled from truly vintage kimonos, never to be repeated! When making up garments we do everything to order so we never have a stock room in the back full of things we cannot sell. I hate to see samples go to waste so prototypes are made for the model in mind to take home. All our Atelier waste is sorted and recycled, and leftover fabrics are used for the next collection’s toiles. We are always on the look-out for making the business and the brand even greener, from recyclable lace to reusing perfectly good patterns from last season. If I had my way there would be solar panels on the roof of the Atelier!